Flashback to Stevie Wonder Singing “Superstition” on Sesame Street in 1973

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Flashback to Stevie Wonder Singing “Superstition” on Sesame Street in 1973

stevie wonder
 Stevie Wonder on Sesame Street with Grover, 1973. Photo by Echoes/Redferns/Getty Images. 

In 1973, Stevie Wonder delivered a very special, and very wholesome performance of his hit single “Superstition” for the folks down on Sesame Street. It was an early cameo on the show that would ultimately pave the way for other musical guests in the future, like R.E.M., Paul Simon, Goo Goo Dolls and more.   

Wonder’s band got all the children dancing with their rousing rendition of the track that was his first number one hit since he topped the charts a decade earlier at just 12 years old with his song, “Fingertips.” Watch Stevie Wonder bring the funk down on Sesame Street below! 

Stevie Wonder | “Superstition” [on Sesame Street]

Speaking with NPR Music, Wonder explained the meaning of the track. “I think that the reason that I talked about being superstitious is because I really didn’t believe in it. I didn’t believe in the different things that people say about breaking glasses or the number 13 is bad luck, and all those various things. And to those, I said, ‘When you believe in things you don’t understand, then you suffer.’”

Along with his majestic version of “Superstition,” Wonder surprised the kids with an original ditty penned especially for the program aptly titled, “1 2 3 Sesame Street” that you can watch below. 

Stevie Wonder | “1 2 3 Sesame Street”

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