Elton John & Stevie Wonder Team Up on New Track, ‘Finish Line’

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Elton John & Stevie Wonder Team Up on New Track, ‘Finish Line’

stevie wonder, elton john
Stevie Wonder & Elton John. Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Getty Images. 

Legends Elton John and Stevie Wonder have teamed up on a brand new track,  Finish Line – and it’s been a long time coming! 

The piano men first collaborated on Elton’s 1983 smash, I Guess That’s Why They Call It They Blues which featured Wonder on harmonica, and again in 1985 on Dionne Warwick’s That’s What Friends Are For

Now, nearly four decades later, they have recorded their first official duet, an upbeat gospel number which Elton says he “couldn’t be more proud of Finish Line. I’d go as far as to say it’s one of the best records I’ve ever made.” Listen below. 

Elton John & Stevie Wonder | Finish Line

“Stevie’s voice is as good as I can ever remember hearing him – he sounds like a 17-year-old again, he’s singing with a sheer joy and exuberance in his vocals. Andrew Watt has done an unbelievable job on the production. It was a magical process.”

John continued: “I’ve always loved collaborating with Stevie, and I’m delighted that after 50 years of friendship we finally get to do a full blown duet. He has always been so kind and sweet to me, and his talent is beyond ridiculous. When you listen to what he does vocally and instrumentally on Finish Line you think, this is a true genius here.”

Stevie Wonder added: “It is both a joy and honour to sing, play piano and harmonica for Elton! He has truly been one of the great spirits of music, life, friendship and love, who I’ve met on this life journey! True artistry and music like love equals a forever commitment lasting many lifetimes.

“And Elton, anyone who hears your voice singing ‘Finish Line’ will hear and feel your wisdom, your pain, your soul, your love, but also your resilience….. I love it!! Congratulations to you and our forever and never, never-ending music, friendship, life-song! Long live Sir Elton John!!!”

Earlier this month, Elton moved Metallica frontman James Hetfield to tears when described the band’s seminal single Nothing Else Matters as “one of the best songs ever written” during a live interviewWatch here. 

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