Flashback to Tina Turner’s Heroic 'Proud Mary' Live in 1990

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Flashback to Tina Turner’s Heroic 'Proud Mary' Live in 1990

tina turner
Tina Turner. Photo by Gie Knaeps/Getty Images. 

In 1990, Tina Turner hit the stage at Olympic Stadium in Barcelona to deliver an absolutely heroic performance in front of 75,000 people.  Turner was in peak form, touring in support of her seventh studio album, Foreign Affair which contained the career-defining hit, The Best. The tour was Tina Turner's first stadium run, drawing in nearly three million spectators – and breaking the previously set by the Rolling Stones in the process. Watching the video below, it’s not hard to see why!

The tour was originally advertised as a "farewell" because Turner had begun to concentrate on acting, however, during an interview at the time, she said: “I’ve always thought this would be the final one [tour] but I must admit I now have mixed feelings. I'm the first woman to fill all these stadiums and the feeling from all those fans night after night was fantastic. I don't want to close that door completely. I'm going away for about a year and when I'm ready to return, I just hope the fans will want whatever I have to offer"

In the exhilarating set, Turner performed a selection of her biggest hits, including What’s Love Got To Do With It, Private Dancer, and this epic rendition of Proud Mary. 

Tina Turner | ”Proud Mary” [Live Barcelona '90]

Last year, Tina Turner released a deluxe reissue of her 1989 Foreign Affair album. The remastered LP is available on vinyl, CD and digital formats, including ultimate and deluxe boxed sets, and multiple merch bundles that include a DVD of this exhilarating live performance and much more. Check it out below!


foreign affair
‘Foreign Affair’ Ultimate Bundle.


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