Flashback: Watch Heart Make Their Television Debut With An Explosive Performance Of “Crazy On You”!

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Flashback: Watch Heart Make Their Television Debut With An Explosive Performance Of “Crazy On You”!

heart live 1977

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“Crazy On You” literally blew up overnight for sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson, grabbing the attention of fans and critics alike. Their extraordinary talent shone as brightly as their innovation with the band’s rare combination of acoustic and electric guitars. 

The fast-paced rock sound of, “Crazy On You” would become Heart’s calling card on their rapid acceleration to the top of a genre typically dominated by men. This 1977 appearance on, The Midnight Special, marks the moment all the power, prestige and phenomenal talent - that would make Heart one of the most memorable bands of all time - was showcased on TV for the very first time.  

Sit back, it’s quite a ride.

Nancy sets the scene with a fearless solo-acoustic-fingerpicking-extravaganza, so impressive that if the show ended there, no one would be disappointed! But no, after a quick pause to breathe, she strums in the rest of the band in a wild flamenco fury – she was just warming up.

The iconic electric guitar, gun-slinging cowboy riff enters the scene commanding attention, but not quite as much as his head-to-toe white satin outfit - complete with obscenely tight flares and midriff tie top. He gyrates with the confidence of a man who knows there’s only a one in a million chance of pulling off that outfit – and today, he’s that guy.

Already, so much has happened! But it all comes together when Ann makes her sultry entrance to the stage, assumes her power stance and amps up the intensity in her flowing blue dress and knee-high leather boots - at this point, just surrender to the fact your mind is about to be well and truly blown. 

The camera pans out, and for the first time we get to see the show in all it’s glory, framed by a glowing red neon sign that reads ‘HEART’, but screams "the 70s". Not even the chiselled disco satin cowboy glowing in the corner can steal the spotlight as the two sisters lead the band on an unbeatable epic progressive rock journey.

I won’t blow all the surprises, but I promise it only gets better from there - the sudden Beach Boy harmony break down bridge is a definite highlight!

It was a hell of a time. Don't stop here, check out our Hits of the 70s playlist, with everything from David Bowie to Black Sabbath it's a journey through time, space ... and possibly a whole lotta LSD. 

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