Gene Simons - The Vault Experience

Gene Simons - The Vault Experience



The man, the myth, the legend. Gene Simmons. He’s done, seen and said it all in his career, and we can’t get enough of him and KISS. They created a whirlwind, a brave new world of monster arena rock that appealed to adults and kids alike, and when records and t-shirts weren’t enough, they branched out into seemingly obscure merchandise so quickly, that even the superfans couldn’t keep up. Their ability to merchandise absolutely everything, due to an insatiable and maniacal fan base, has led to millions of dollars, and no one sells it better than the Demon, Gene Simmons. He has a way with words, our Gene, much to others chagrin, and provided us with some unbelievable moments.

Today, Gene Simmons has announced The Vault Experience! A limited box set which covers 150 songs spanning his career across 10CDs, feat. Guests Bob Dylan, Eddie & Alex Van Halen, Joe Perry of Aerosmith & Kiss members, AND Gene will personally hand deliver The Vaults to punters who purchase, hence “The Experience”.  The Vault Experiences will only be available via

THE VAULT EXPERIENCE begins with a personal delivery, by Simmons himself, of a numbered, limited-edition, 17” x 25” 38-pound VAULT, during Simmons’ VAULT World Tour set to take place January 2018 through December 2018.

The Vault

Priced at USD $2,000 - each unique VAULT includes:

  • 150 never-before-released tracks written and performed by Simmons, and featuring notable rock and roll artists, including members of KISS past and present
  • Packaged in a massive 12” x 12” x 6” leather-bound commemorative book containing dozens of never-before-seen images of Simmons throughout his 50-year career
  • These unreleased tracks are exclusive to THE VAULT and will not be available in other physical or digital configurations
  • Limited-edition collectibles including a Gene Simmons non-makeup action figure and an In Gene We Trust oversized medallion
  • A one-of-a-kind, hand-selected original piece of memorabilia from Gene’s personal collection

For the ultimate fan, an additional VAULT Experience is available:
The Home Experience** - USD $50,000

Launching December 2017, the Home Experience includes a personal delivery of THE VAULT to your home by Simmons himself; one of the first 300 limited-edition numbered VAULTs; two hours with Simmons at your home (or location of your choice) for a special event with up to 25 friends and family; photos, videos and autographs; an intimate Songs & Stories playback session and Q&A with Gene; and a VAULT Pre-Pack* for all guests in attendance.

*VAULT Pre-Pack includes signed golden ticket, exclusive t-shirt, USB with Are You Ready and a laminate. It will be shipped three to four weeks after purchase.
*Please note some scheduling and travel restrictions may apply.

"'The Vault' is one hundred and fifty-plus never-before-released songs I've written, spanning fifty years, going all the way back to when I was fourteen years old, all the way to some of the songs that became KISS classics. Tens CDs right here, all inside 'The Vault'. It's finally ready to bring to you. Yeah, that's right, I said 'to bring to you,' because what I'm gonna be doing is something that's never been done before by any artist or band. I'm gonna hand-deliver 'The Vault' box set to you and to fans like you around the world."

Here are a few of our favourite Gene Simmons moments...

Gene Simmons album (self-titled)

Remember when all members of KISS released solo albums in 1978? Gene didn’t even play bass, his principal instrument on his. Mind you, he did team up with some notable musos for it. The opening track, "Radioactive", which starts like a horror movie soundtrack before launching into an almost disco rock tune, features Joe Perry of Aerosmith on guitar, and Bob Seger, yes, BOB FREAKIN SEGER on backing vocals.

The Blood Solo

Can you imagine, in 1975, going to your first KISS concert having no idea what to expect? Oh you know there’ll be lots of lights and loud music, but could you honestly say you would have expected the bass player, the mighty Gene Simmons, The Demon, to start oozing blood from his mouth as he menacingly plays singular notes on his axe? This is a moment.

Gene’s quotes

Controversial, stupid, wise, calm, insensitive, you can always count on Gene to either say it how it is, or make a complete arse of himself, and he doesn’t care one bit. Here are just a few of his sage moments, I’ll leave the truly appalling stuff for you to find.

“KISS is a Fourth of July fireworks show with a back beat”

“I think I know it all, relatively speaking”

“Live and think like a poor man and you’ll always be ok”

“Try being nice to rich people, I don’t remember the last poor person to give me a job”

The Tongue

In a more light hearted moment, Gene and Ace surprise Done Lane on his birthday and Don asks where the tongue came from. A pretty quick come back from Gene on this occasion. I particularly like this quick interview because Ace and Don are from the same hood, and Ace is genuinely stoked. And Gene plays up to the stunned crowd. 1980 daytime TV, amazing. (side note, this was the first year I saw KISS, at VFL Park in Victoria)

Fire Breathing

Was there any other band doing what Gene was doing at the time? Sure, he’s said that he’s probably set his hair on fire “six or seven times, but it’s worth it”. The first of these times was December 31st, 1973. Think about that for a moment, KISS wasn't huge then. But here’s their bassist spitting blood and breathing fire and his hair is burning, IS THAT PART OF THE SHOW? I love this footage so much because of the lightning fast roadie with a wet towel. Even in 73, they had it sorted.

The Family Jewels
Do you remember his reality TV show with his family? Luckily for us, a lot of it is still online (Thanks A&E). The best part about him doing a show with his family is, they can call him on his bullshit and expose him. Like in this clip about his little quirks, as brilliantly lead by his wife, Shannon. Really, none of what is told here should surprise you.

So as you can see, life has been exciting for Gene Simmons. And for Gene Simmons fans, life is about to get a whole lot more exciting. Like, immensely exciting.

The Vault Experiences are here, and who better to tell you all about it, than Gene himself.

If you consider yourself the ultimate fan, you owe it to yourself to have The Experience!


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