Happy 70th Birthday Steven Tyler

Happy 70th Birthday Steven Tyler


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There are anomalies in the rock world, things that, despite their best efforts to end, just keep truckin'.

Ozzy Osbourne, Keef, and Steven Tyler.

It’s the later that I want to talk about, or more importantly, wish a happy 70th birthday to.

Yep, the man with the largest mouth (physically) in rock turns the big seven-oh on the 26th March, and he’s been fronting Aerosmith for 48 of them. Extraordinary numbers. Enviable too!

So, is Steven Tyler one of the best rock vocalists of all time? Definitely.

Tyler's voice is instantly recognisable to any rock music fan, there’s never confusing his style with anyone else. His rasp, his range, his flairs and intonations influenced many. David Lee Roth anyone?

Let’s go through some of his best...

Dream On

Steven actually wrote this in 1969 before joining Aerosmith, and the thing you have to remember is that Steven was only 24 when they recorded this for their debut album.

Sweet Emotion

A few years later and we hear TTyler'svoice developing as he ages (and probably a million packs of cigarettes, gallons of booze, and nefarious illicits). But certainly got that great groove and swagger going on and great harmonies, his voice is most definitely an integral instrument to the Aerosmith sound.

Back In The Saddle

Not only a kick arse song, but Tyler is on FIRE in this one. Probably their most Zeppelin song of all time, raw, punchy, almost like a garage band where everyone gets to let their tail wag. Steven Tyler lays it all out.

Dude (Looks Like A Lady)

By now, Aerosmith had returned to their very best form and Steven Tyler’s voice had yet again evolved to become even more powerful. This songs features all his trademark range, pops squeals, scatting and howling vocals. Killer song that highlights his abilities.

Love In An Elevator

Let’s face it, any rock singer would love to have Steven’s voice on this track. It’s rock personified. Listen to the chorus where he’s harmonising with himself, one part high raspy rock god, one part lower straight voice, so solid, and barely noticeable, which is why it’s so good. He was 40 when he recorded this.

Janie’s Got A Gun

Again, Tyler shows off his range on this classic Aerosmith song. Most of the time we focus on the overall sound of a song, but when you’re writing something like this, it reminds you to really hone in on what the singer is doing. It’s emotive, heavy (in subject), and convincing. It’s an art. And Tyler is a master.


This pop ballad is another great example why Steven Tyler is one of the best rock vocalists of all time. Fantastic pitch, and melodic sensibilities, mixed with just the right amount of emotion delivers stellar and believable stories. He’s a fantastic lyricist, and that shines through with his vocal ability.

Ok, so I’ve given a cross-section of some of his best vocal performances, and if you really want to treat yourself to some magic, get onto Youtube and watch some of his live work with the band from around 1978 in Houston.

But of course, fans will absolutely have their favourite Steven Tyler performances, and that’s why we wanna hear from you in the comments below. What do YOU think his best is to include him in the ‘one of the greatest’ category?

Happy Birthday Steven Tyler, you legend.

- Higgo 

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