Jack Black Dancing To "Take On Me" Will Make You Smile

Jack Black Dancing To "Take On Me" Will Make You Smile

jack black dancing
(Photo: Facebook)

The always hilarious Jack Black is making everyone laugh again this week, with this fantastic video of him dancing to iconic 80s pop hit, "Take On Me" by a-ha. Alas, it's not the original - Jack Black posted on Tik Tok (another social media platform popular with kids) to another song that we don't know - but someone else dubbed the a-ha classic over it for a much-needed laugh. 

The dubbed video emerged on Facebook last week and at the time of writing, it has amassed over 9million views, with just shy of 100,000 comments of people tagging each other to share the joy. Comedy and 80s pop, what a combo!

Add a little bit of lighthearted shenanigans to your isolation days, and if you're feeling cooped up, why not stick on the original song and do your own dance - it is, after all, doctors advise to keep moving! 


Watch the original video below, which recently reached the Billion Views club on Youtube!

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