The Following Program Contains... Naughty Bits

The Following Program Contains... Naughty Bits

kenny everett vidoe show best bits
Kenny Everett and Hot Gossip, 1979 (Photo by Evening Standard/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Our feature late last year on the Kenny Everett Video Show was one of the most popular things we've ever posted, so there's obviously much love out there for the great man and his brilliant presentation of pop with humour, and lots of naughty bits! Read it here. 

Here is a couple of UK TV documentaries that dig deep into the man and deliver non-stop laughs.

The World According To Kenny Everett, screened in 2015 to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of Kenny's passing, and the dedicated Kenny Everett episode of the Thames Television series Heroes of Comedy, are both essential viewing if you're an Everett fan. Both go back to Kenny's childhood in Liverpool to reveal the makings of the man who, although unknown to Australian audiences at the time, had a lengthy career as a much-loved and hugely influential English DJ before he turned to television in 1978. Kenny started in the early days of Pirate Radio in the mid-60s, and he became a household name at home when he starred on the BBC's start-up pop radio station Radio One in 1967. Here you'll learn of his rise to stardom, his relationship with the Beatles, and his private and public struggles with his sexuality - including his marriage and public coming out - and the circumstances of tragic passing, at the age of 50, in 1995. You'll hear tributes from the likes of Queen's Roger Taylor (and about Kenny's key role in breaking "Bohemian Rhapsody"), Cliff Richard and fellow comedian Billy Connolly, and of course there are numerous of highlights from his TV show, including unforgettable chats with Kate Bush and Rod Stewart. (Watch when Kenny met Rod here).

And, of course, plenty of appearances from Sid Snot, Captain Kremmen (“The World’s Most Popular Man”), Cupid Stunt, Angry of Mayfair, Marcel Wave and the rest of the gang, and lots of naughty bits.

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