When Rod Stewart Met Kenny Everett

When Rod Stewart Met Kenny Everett

kenny everett rod stewart
Kenny Everett, 1974 (Photo by Michael Putland/Getty Images)

Readers of a certain age will no doubt remember the incredible Kenny Everett Video Show, which the ABC used to run endless re-runs of very early in the 80s. Male readers who saw the show in their teens will probably never forget the Hot Gossip dancers, or the character Carla in the shows animated science fiction serial Captain Kremmen.

Kenny, of course, was a hugely popular English DJ who transitioned to television brilliantly, pushing every boundary and envelope he could find in his search for laughs, and featuring loads of music to boot. Kenny was a big deal in the UK – he was a friend of the Beatles in the 60s, and apparently influential in getting Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” released as a single  – and was able to get the biggest and the best stars on his program – or close approximations thereof!    

One such guest was Rod Stewart, who Kenny introduces as “that famous bum and legs, Rod Stewart”. It was 1979, and there was Rod, resplendent in all his Blondes Have More Fun finery. After a quick bit of fun and games and a chat it’s time for a song, but it’s a surprisingly bearded Rod who appears for “D’ya Think I’m Sexy”. There’s no mistaking that sexy bum though. Watch and see what happens.  

Sir Rod Stewart celebrates 50 years as a solo artist this year. To honour this milestone he has teamed up with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra to record his classic hits in a completely reimagined way.

You’re In My Heart: Rod Stewart With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra pairs classic vocal tracks from his most popular songs with new arrangements performed by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

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