Listen to Tom Petty’s Previously Unreleased “Confusion Wheel”

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Listen to Tom Petty’s Previously Unreleased “Confusion Wheel”

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Tom Petty. Photo by Paul Natkin/Getty Images.

Today, the Tom Petty Estate have shared the first previously unreleased track “Confusion Wheel” track from the upcoming Wildflowers & All the Rest box set, which is set to arrive on October 16th (pre-order here). It's the third preview from the extensive collection that was first deuted with a demo version of “You Don’t Know How It Feels” in June, followed by “There Goes Angela (Dream Away”) in August.

“Confusion Wheel” is an introspective waltz, in ode to all that we don’t understand, with Petty calmly concluding that “we will wake up singing a brand-new song.” It’s a reassuring mantra in light of modern times. Listen below. 

Tom Petty | “Confusion Wheel” [Official Visualizer]

Petty originally recorded the track back in 1994 during the original Wildflowers sessions, during which he, Rick Rubin and Mike Campbell produced enough material for a double album of 25 songs, before shortening the album to a single disk upon release. All the Rest was a title chosen by Petty for the unreleased half of these sessions. 

The new reissue, Wildflowers & All the Rest will arrive as a five-CD or nine-LP box set, on October 16th. Pre-order here.



1) Wildflowers

1. “Wildflowers”

2. “You Don’t Know How It Feels”

3. “Time to Move On”

4. “You Wreck Me”

5. “It’s Good to Be King”

6. “Only a Broken Heart”

7. “Honey Bee”

8. “Don’t Fade on Me”

9. “Hard on Me”

10. “Cabin Down Below”

11. “To Find a Friend”

12. “A Higher Place”

13. “House in the Woods”

14. “Crawling Back to You”

15. “Wake Up Time”


2). All The Rest

1. “Something Could Happen”

2. “Leave Virginia Alone”

3. “Climb That Hill Blues”

4. “Confusion Wheel”

5. “California”

6. “Harry Green”

7. “Hope You Never”

8. “Somewhere Under Heaven”

9. “Climb That Hill”

10. “Hung Up and Overdue”


3). Home Recordings

1. “There Goes Angela (Dream Away)”

2. “You Don’t Know How It Feels”

3. “California”

4. “A Feeling of Peace”

5. “Leave Virginia Alone”

6. “Crawling Back to You”

7. “Don’t Fade on Me”

8. “Confusion Wheel”

9. “A Higher Place”

10. “There’s a Break in the Rain (Have Love Will Travel)”

11. “To Find a Friend”

12. “Only a Broken Heart”

13. “Wake Up Time”

14. “Hung Up and Overdue”

15. “Wildflowers”


4). Wildflowers Live

1. “You Don’t Know How It Feels”

2. “Honey Bee”

3. “To Find a Friend”

4. “Walls”

5. “Crawling Back to You”

6. “Cabin Down Below”

7. “Drivin’ Down to Georgia”

8. “House in the Woods”

9. "Girls on LSD"

10. "Time to Move On"

11. "Wake Up Time"

12. "It’s Good to Be King"

13. "You Wreck Me"

14. "Wildflowers"


5). Alternate Versions (Finding Wildflowers)

*Note: only available on 9-LP and 5-CD formats*

1. "A Higher Place"

2. "Hard on Me"

3. "Cabin Down Below"

4. "Crawling Back to You"

5. "Only a Broken Heart"

6. "Drivin’ Down to Georgia"

7. "You Wreck Me"

8. "It’s Good to Be King"

9. "House in the Woods"

10. "Honey Bee"

11. "Girl on LSD"

12. "Cabin Down Below" (Acoustic Version)

13. "Wildflowers"

14. "Don’t Fade on Me"

15. "Wake Up Time"

16. "You Saw Me Comin’"


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