Michael Nesmith Solo Revisited

Michael Nesmith Solo Revisited



With all the Monkees activity of late it’s nice to see Michael Nesmith’s great solo stuff revisited. Coming April 14 on Rhino is the new collection Infinite Tuesday: Autobiographical Riffs which includes a few of his early country rock classics, as well as some pre-Monkees sides and some later material. The album is the audio companion to Mike’s forthcoming memoir Infinite Tuesday: An Autobiographical Riff.

Some of you will no doubt remember Nez’s solo albums from the ‘70s – indeed Australia seem to take a real shine to him back in the day. It wasn’t just the ‘77 #1 hit "Rio" - a lot of people knew and loved his classic early ‘70s albums like Nevada Fighter and Pretty Much Your Standard Ranch Stash. Curiously it was here and in England that Mike’s solo stuff really seemed to gain a following amongst a hip audience. Maybe at home the Monkees had simply been too ubiquitous or something, but he seemed to struggle to be taken seriously. Which is a shame because Mike’s post-Monkees work is simply stunning; unique, smart and charming.

Whilst the Eagles and some of Mike’s old contemporaries in CSN&Y (don’t forget Stephen Stills had auditioned for the Monkees) became superstars, Mike had, unbeknown to most, already pioneered a unique, smart and beguiling form of country-rock that remains vital.

Such was Mike’s popularity downunder that he toured here in ’77, and curiously enough, recorded a live album at Melbourne’s Palais Theatre that was originally released in Australia-only on the fledgling Seven Records label (an offshoot of Channel 7). Live at the Palais has since been reissued on Mike’s own Pacific Arts label with bonus tracks. He was originally loath to reissue it, claiming he didn’t like the performance, but we think it’s pretty cool.


Check out a few tracks from Live at the Palais here, and stay tuned for more on Mike soon…



and of course a Chuck Berry (R.I.P. Chuck) cover 

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