Mick Thomas, From Wedding Parties Anything, Has Released An Epic New Iso Anthem!

Mick Thomas, From Wedding Parties Anything, Has Released An Epic New Iso Anthem!

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The prolific, ARIA Award-winning former Weddings Parties Anything singer-songwriter Mick Thomas has not been idle during self-isolation. Indeed, he wrote and recorded an entire album, which will see release shortly. The centrepiece of the collection is the nine-minute track “See You When I’m Looking At You”, which started taking shape in April when Mick wrote a verse and a chorus in his backyard. He put them to tape in his home studio and recorded a few extra bars of guitar. He then sent it to his old mate Angie Harte from Frente, who wrote a second verse and added another chorus and sent it back. Mick then forwarded it to another old friend, Nick Barker, who did the same. And so it went until it got to nearly nine minutes’ of song, at which point Mick decided he’d better finish it! Which he did with the help of his current band the Roving Commission, who added their parts in isolation, and old WPA bandmate Jen Anderson, who added strings.

Mick also got everybody to shoot a bit of footage of themselves on their phone as they worked on the track. The result is this beautiful new video for the song that has just premiered.

"See You When I’m Looking At You" 

For more info on the "See You When I'm Looking At You," and to keep in touch with developments regarding the new album and the live-streamed album launch on Sunday, June 21, check out Mick’s website here – mickthomas.com 

Let’s check out a couple of old faves from the Weddoes and Mick’s mates Angie and Nick.

Weddings Parties Anything | "Away Away"

Weddings Parties Anything | “Monday’s Experts” 

Frente | “Bizarre Love Triangle” 

Nick Barker & The Reptiles | “Make Me Smile”

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