Most Popular Music Styles From 1910 - 2019

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Most Popular Music Styles From 1910 - 2019

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(Source: Data Is Beautiful on YouTube)

We recently stumbled across the incredible YouTube channel of a data geek who goes by the name of Data Is Beautiful, and we are completely hooked on his findings.

If you have seen the viral video that shows album sales over time, then you're sure to be mesmerised by this one as well which shows the changes in popularity of genres over the decades, starting with 1910 when Opera reigned. 

From the creator: Historical popularity is based on worldwide vinyl and CD records release frequencies for specific genre adjusted to recent years music charts. Numbers are relative to each other to reflect popularity change throughout the years (it's not a percentage). I've tried to use sub-genres in most cases to present as much as possible diversity. Data source: Discogs, Billboard, Spotify.

Of course, our fave is through the 50s, 60s and 70s where we see genres like rock & roll, pop rock, soul and classic rock rule! Interesting to see that good ol' Country music never really dies!

If you missed the best selling albums one, you can check that out below which covers 1969-2019. Lets us know if any surprised you! 

We have reached out to Data Is Beautiful and hope to interview him about these findings, stay tuned! Please check out his official YouTube channel here