Neil Young Announces New Album Peace Trail

Neil Young Announces New Album Peace Trail


Neil Young could never be accused of being slack when it comes to musical output. The so-called "Godfather of Grunge" has surprised many with the announcement that he will release another brand new studio album this year. Entitled Peace Trail, the new record features all new songs that Young wrote since the release of his album EARTH, this past June. This new album, on the way December 9th via Reprise Records, is primarily acoustic and reflects an intimate, sparse approach to each of the ten songs within.

“Neil Young matches the fire in his belly to the poetry from his pen for one of the most gripping outings of his long career. This riveting collection, a spare acoustic-electric hybrid, seethes with righteous indignation over a plethora of social and political injustices, but also soothes with deeply felt empathy for those on the receiving end of iniquity." - Los Angeles Times / Randy Lewis

Peace Trail was recorded at Rick Rubin's Shangri-la Studios (the super producer behind numerous platinum-selling albums, including Johnny Cash, Black Sabbath and the Dixie Chicks), though it was Young on producer duties this time along with John Hanlon, who also mixed the audio. The album features Young on vocals and guitar, Jim Keltner on drums, and Paul Bushnell on bass.

For those lucky enough to be at the recent Desert Trip Festival, in California (a festival featuring the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, The Who, Roger Waters and Neil Young on the bill... We know! Bring it to this side of the world please!), Young previewed five songs from the new album during his performances. Both Rolling Stone and Entertainment Weekly summed up his set as simply “explosive.”

“Neil slashed and bashed at his guitar, the sound intense and nearly out of control.” – Rolling Stone

The Los Angeles Times called Young’s performance “intensely powerful” and “furious”, and concluded, “combining passion, energy and stinging content, Young served up a deeply rewarding performance.”

Peace Trail will be released in the usual CD, vinyl and digital formats, but for those with a tape player hanging around gathering dust - you can get yourself a cassette version too. Don't get too excited about the album artwork though...


  1. Peace Trail
  2. Can’t Stop Workin’
  3. Indian Givers
  4. Show Me
  5. Texas Rangers
  6. Terrorist Suicide Hang Gliders
  7. John Oaks
  8. My Pledge
  9. Glass Accident
  10. My New Robot

You can pre-order Peace Trail here now. For the die hards, there are also bundles available with extra merch goodies.

- RB

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