Our Fave 90s Bands - Then and Now

Our Fave 90s Bands - Then and Now


A band's longevity is a testament to one thing - the ability to continue to create great music. Keeping fans engaged long term is no easy task, we're the first to put our hand up and say (cough) "I Like Your Old Stuff". Hats off to these bands and artists who we fell in love with in the 90s that are still releasing great music currently. 

Smashing Pumpkins 

Disarm released in 1992

Aeronaut (Billy Corgan) released in 2017


Stone Temple Pilots 

Plush released in 1992

Meadow released in 2017

Alice In Chains

Rooster released in 1993

Stone released in 2013

The Superjesus

Down Again released in 1997

Wild Hearts (Sarah McLeod) released in 2017

Pearl Jam

Alive released in 1991

Sirens released in 2013


Enter Sandman released in 1991

Hardwired in 2016

Green Day

Basket Case released in 1994

Back In The USA released in 2017

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