Pop Rock Titans Weezer Celebrate 30th Anniversary, Promise “Another Fascinating Year”

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Pop Rock Titans Weezer Celebrate 30th Anniversary, Promise “Another Fascinating Year”

Weezer. Photo by Jason Koerner/Getty Images for Audacy.

Legendary pop-rock titans, Weezer are celebrating their 30th anniversary this week (Feb 15) and have shared a collection of career-spanning throwbacks to share the momentous milestone. 

The pics were accompanied with a detailed reflection on their storied path to stardom, from the band’s first rehearsal, recording the albums that were destined to become classics and more, promising “another fascinating year for Weezer”. You can read the full post below. 



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“And just like that, it’s been 30 years to the day that Weezer was born. On 2/15/92, Rivers Cuomo, Patrick Wilson, Matt Sharp and Jason Cropper met at TK Productions at 1956 Cotner Ave in West LA, for the first of 3 days of rehearsals, running through about 20 different songs numerous times, including a few songs that would make it to the Blue Album 2 years later.”

“…So here we are on 2/15/22, 30 years on. So much has happened, so many songs, albums, singles, soundtracks, fans, tours, shows, photoshoots, interviews, so many good times – and a few bad ones here and there of course. Brian joined us when Jason left, Mikey joined us when Matt left, Scott joined us when Mikey left. We’ve gained countless thousands of great friends, and lost some of our dearest friends, including Mikey, Ric Ocasek, and Mykel and Carli Allan, who started the Weezer Fan Club.”

The post continued: “…So much has changed, and yet, having been there for it for every step of the way I can truly say that for all the changes and amazing adventures that have happened, the spirit of Weezer has not changed hardly, if at all. Everyone still just wants to make great music, rock out and keep things interesting. And 30 years on, we are nowhere near the end of the story.”

“Thank you for sticking with us, 2022 is going to be another fascinating year for Weezer and you. – karl #karlscorner #SZNS #hearyoume”

Weezer | ‘Hero’

Considering the prolific output from Weezer over the past few years, from 2019’s Teal album of classic covers that ignited an online storm, closely followed by the Black album of originals. Another full-length LP “technicolor symphonic spree that meditates” on connectivity arrived in February 2021 OK Human, and an all-out metal fest Van Weezer followed just months later. 

So, when Rivers Cuomo and co. promise “another fascinating year” we’re pretty confident they won’t disappoint! 


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