Rick Astley Is Back!

Rick Astley Is Back!


Rick Astley, 1988 (Photo by Bernd Muller/Redferns/Getty Images)

Two years ago Rick Astley returned with an album that surprised everyone, even himself. His UK number 1 album 50 was one of the biggest selling albums of 2016. What was even more incredible was that Rick wrote, produced and played every instrument on that comeback disc.

And guess what? He’s only gone and done it again! His new album, Beautiful Life, will be released on July 20th with an iconic cover shot by Rankin.  Each of the twelve tracks are written, produced and played by Rick. Highlights are many and include the Chic flavored title track, the evocative "Rise Up", the insanely catchy "Try" and the warm childhood memories of "The Good Old Days".

“In the midst of all this madness, I just went back into my little home studio because that’s what I love to do,” Rick admits. “It’s my refuge really. I was tinkering about with bits and pieces and before you know it, I was making a new record.” 

Let's remind ourselves of some of his classic hits from the 80s - an era he dominated the pop charts globally!

And if you love Rick's 80s gems you'll be sure to take a stroll down memory lane when you listen to our 'Hits of the 80s' playlist...


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