Rick Lum Shares Some Hush Memories

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Rick Lum Shares Some Hush Memories

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(Photo: TV Times, taken from Hush official Facebook page)

Our mates over at Australian Rock Show just put this interview in our inbox and it's worth a listen if you were ever into our Aussie 70s glam legends, Hush

Formed in Seven Hills in Sydney in 1971, Hush built a loyal following through their energetic live shows supporting the Jackson Five and Status Quo.

Their debut album, Aloud 'n' Live, reached the Top 40 on the Kent Music Report albums chart. Their second album, Get Rocked!, released in July 1974 hit the Top 10 with the albums biggest single, "Walking" (co-written by Gock and Lamb), peaking at #22 on the singles chart making it their most successful original song. 

In 1975, Hush made an unforgettable appearance on Countdown, performing a rocked up, driving cover version of Larry Williams' "Bony Moronie" which soared to the top of the charts at #4 in September 1975, riding the wave of the glam-rock craze in Australia. On that peak, their fourth studio album, Rough Tough 'n' Ready was released in November 1975, scoring a #15 spot. 

After the band broke up in 1977 De Jongh and Lamb formed New Hush, a.k.a. Hush 2. De Jongh left in April 1978 to join John Paul Young and the All Stars while Lamb continued New Hush with Criston Barker on bass guitar (ex-Ash, Freeway, Hollywood), Con Gallin on guitar (ex-Fingerprint), Paul Grant on guitar (ex-Buster Brown, Hollywood) and Nat De Palma on drums (ex-20th Century). 

In November 1979 Lamb reformed Hush for a one-off gig, Concert of the Decade, at the forecourt of the Sydney Opera House. Then, Hush reunited in August 2004 for a Nordoff-Robbins charity event with the line-up of Gock, Lamb, Lum and Pailthorpe; performing together for the first time in 25 years.

In this interview, Lum talks with Denis Gray from Australian Rock Show and goes deeper into the bands history. Enjoy! 

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