Rockin' Christmas Presents That Are Better Than Socks

Rockin' Christmas Presents That Are Better Than Socks


The older we get, the harder we are to buy for at Christmas. Undoubtedly you'll receive some of the same old things you get every year; socks, hankies, booze, shortbread... 

"What do you want for Christmas this year?" - it's a tough question to answer! 

So, we are here to help you out with some great gift ideas for you to forward to the family either as a subtle suggestion or straight-up demand! 

The Easybeats 50th Anniversary Re-Beat Long Sleeve Shirt - Get it here.

Fleetwood Mac Rumours Vinyl  - Get it here.

Neil Young Hitchhiker Vinyl and Campfire Mug - Get it here.

Eagles Hotel California 40th Anniversary Reissue, 2 CD and Blu-ray - Get it here.

Tickets to see Robert Plant on his Australian tour in 2018 - Get it here.

Green Day God's Favorite Band Vinyl, Patch and Candle Bundle - Get it here. 

Aretha Franklin, A Brand New Me, with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra vinyl - Get it here. 

Neil Young Peace Trail Cap and CD - Get it here.

Iron Maiden 2017 Box Set with 3LP - Get it here.

Green Day 20th Anniversary Nimrod T-shirt + Yellow 2 LP - Get it here.

Led Zeppelin II Super Deluxe Set - Get it here. 

And, should it happen that you actually WANT socks, then you just can't go past this Michael Buble set - after all, he is the epitome of Christmas! 

Michael Buble Christmas Socks and Blanket - Get it here. 




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