Seattle Grunge Legends Mudhoney Are Back!

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Seattle Grunge Legends Mudhoney Are Back!

(Photo :Emily Reiman)

The legendary Seattle grunge pioneers Mudhoney have announced the September 28 release of their 10th album Digital Garbage.

Mudhoney's core sound…steadily pounding drums, swamp-thing bass, squalling guitar wobble and Mark Arm's hazardous-chemical voice…‘remains on Digital Garbage’, which the band recorded with longtime collaborator (and Digital Garbage pianist) Johnny Sangster at the Seattle studio Litho.

Now 30 years into their career, Digital Garbage will be their first album in over five years, following up 2013’s Vanishing Point.

The first track to be released from it is "Paranoid Core"...


Let's take this opportunity to look back on a couple of the tracks that first peaked our interest in the band in the late 80s and early 90s when Grunge ruled! These guys are still cited as the pioneers of the genre.  




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