The Angels And Baby Animals Announce 'They Who Rock' Tour

The Angels And Baby Animals Announce 'They Who Rock' Tour

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Back in the late 80s, The Angels, fronted by Doc Neeson, had already built a solid rep as one of Australia's most rockin' bands through the pub circuit, and new to the scene band Baby Animals, fronted by Suze DeMarchi, were hot on their heels. 

In 1990, Baby Animals were given a leg up by the Angels when they including one of their demos, "Break My Heart", on the B-side of "Dogs Are Talking". The single also included a track from two other bands – the Desert Cats and the Hurricanes – a national tour by the Angels followed with all three new bands supporting.

Fast forward almost 30 years and The Angles and Baby Animals have joined forces on a tour they are calling 'They Who Rock' - and rock they do! The Angels are now fronted by Dave Gleeson, with the Brewster brothers, and Nick Norton on drums. Baby Animals consists of the original powerhouse combo of vocals and guitars with Suze DeMarchi and Dave Leslie, backed by Dario Bortlin and Mick Skelton.

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