The Cure’s Robert Smith Is Selling Original Artwork for Heart Research

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The Cure’s Robert Smith Is Selling Original Artwork for Heart Research

robert smith
Robert Smith. Photo by Neil Lupin/Redferns/Getty Images. 

The Cure’s Robert Smith is selling prints of his original artwork for the Heart Research UK charity. 

The artwork, titled ‘I WILL KISS YOU FOREVER…’, features lyrics from The Cure’s “The Same Deep Water As You.” It was created by Smith last year for the charity’s annual anonymous heART project, which invites celebrities and artists to create original works that are then auctioned off to buyers who have a list of contributors but don't know the identity of the creator until after they purchase it. 

Smith’s original sold piece sold for over £5,000 ($8990) in the initial auction. See here. 

Due to high fan-demand, Heart Research UK have announced a special run of high-quality A4 and A3 prints of the work will be available for a limited time. Priced at £25 and £50 respectively (about $45 and $89 AUD), the prints are on sale until March 14th, 2021, and printed to order. All proceeds will go directly toward the charity’s research into the prevention, treatment and cure of heart disease. 

Robert Smith said: “More than a quarter of all deaths in the UK are caused by heart and circulatory disease – I have very sadly seen too many friends and family fall victim over the years. Continuing support for research into the understanding and treatment of coronary heart disease is absolutely vital – for everyone.”

“Before the anonymous heART project, I hadn’t picked up paint with purpose for almost 30 years. My favourite creative medium has always been sound, but making these has inspired me to start drawing again. I’m so thrilled to be able to support a charity that means a lot to me, and also share a little bit of myself with The Cure’s passionate and generous fanbase.”

The prints will be available to order until March 14th via the Heart Research UK eBay store, here. 

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