The Doobie Brothers 'Toulouse Street' Turns 50

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The Doobie Brothers 'Toulouse Street' Turns 50

doobie brothers
The Doobie Brothers © Michael Maggid.

Today marks the 50th anniversary of The Doobie Brothers' album, Toulouse Street. Originally released on July 1st, 1972, the album features the classic single Listen to the Music.  


toulouse street
'Toulouse Street'

Following their 1970s debut, The Doobie Brothers' transformed their mellow, post-hippie boogie sound into slick, seriously catchy, soul-inflected pop hits, racking up a string of gold and platinum albums along the way. Despite the groups rotating lineup, sublime vocal harmonies, luscious instrumentation and a propulsive rhythm section have always been at the heart of their music.

The Doobie's breakthrough success arrived with their second album, Toulouse Street in 1972. The polished, but eclectic collection of songs includes one of the band’s signature hits, Listen To The Music, written by guitarist, Tom Johnston. In 2012, Johnston said of the song“It was based on this utopian ideal that if the leaders of the world got together … and just listened to some music and forgot all this other bulls---, the world would be a better place.”

Half a century later, it’s fair to say that the sentiment rings just as true! 

The Doobie Brothers | ‘Listen to the Music’

Join us in celebrating 50 years of Toulouse Street

Revisit the album and listen, here.


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