There’s a Jim Morrison Documentary in the Works

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There’s a Jim Morrison Documentary in the Works

jim morrison
Jim Morrison. Photo by Manfred Rehm/picture alliance via Getty Images.

The artistry of late Doors frontman, Jim Morrison is set to be explored in an upcoming documentary featuring a vast collection of never-before-seen music, poetry and art from the iconic artist, as Billboard reports. 

The feature-length film, produced by independent studio Gunpowder & Sky, alongside Jeff Pollack of FourScore Entertainment, will detail Morrison’s multi-disciplined career which included works of poetry and film making with exclusive access to content provided by the Morison estate and Jampol Artist Management (JAM Inc.), who oversees the legacies of The Doors and Janis Joplin.

“Jim Morrison has been known as the leather trousers-clad Dionysian rock star, the Greek god handsome, amazing singer, shaman and performer. But Jim was a polymath. Jim was a poet and a writer and a filmmaker long before he ever thought about music,” Jeff Jampol, CEO of JAM Inc., told Billboard.

“All these decades everybody talked about Jim Morrison the rock star, which he certainly was. But we really felt it was time to even the playing field and talk about these other aspects of Jim, which were either not as known or celebrated or discussed.”

Unlike Oliver Stone’s 1991 biopic of The Doors, this upcoming documentary will be the first film focused solely on Jim Morrison as an artist, outside of his most famed post fronting the band.

“They just unearthed all these diaries and notes and that’s what’s intriguing to me: having footage, writing and information about Jim that’s never been exposed,” Gunpowder & Sky CEO Van Toffler explained.

The film aims to appeal to both dedicated Doors fans and the younger generations who continue to discover Morrison.

“That magic of iconic artists is 100 per cent relevant and resonant. It's just up to us, to the caretakers, to put it back in the pop culture conversation in a way that's credible, authentic and meaningful to 11- to 30-year-olds,” Jampol says. “Because if we do it credibly and authentically, and we don't whitewash it or edit it or spin it or tart it up, the magic will transfer and Jim will do the work for us.”

The film is currently slated for release between late 2022 and early 2023. We will keep you posted! 

Last week, we remembered Jim Morrison on the 50th anniversary of his death (July 3rd). Read Jim Morrison: Remembering an Icon, here. 


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