Watch Dave Grohl Skull A Beer With Santa

Watch Dave Grohl Skull A Beer With Santa

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Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters performs at the Intersect music festival, December 7, 2019, in Las Vegas. Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images.

If anyone has a permanent place reserved on Santa’s ‘Nice List’, it’s Dave Grohl! The Foo's frontman's onstage banter is an endless source of joy. We’ve seen John Travolta appear on stage, fans in wheelchairs, young children be given guitars, the medic that tended to Dave Grohl’s broken leg serenaded – and the list goes on. 

Now, just when you think he may have finally run out of tricks up his sleeve, we get the Dave Grohl Christmas special with this video of him shot-gunning a beer with a fan dressed as Santa. 

Foo Fighters | “Big Me” - Dave Grohl Chugging Beer w/ Fan

On Saturday night (Dec 7th), the iconic rockers were mid-set at the Las Vegas Intersect music festival and had just hit the intro of their 1995 classic “Big Me” when Grohl spotted a fan dressed as Santa in the crowd. Overcome with festive spirit, the Foo’s frontman urged ‘Santa’ to join the band onstage, saying: “Get your ass on up here, Santa Claus,” putting down his guitar to fetch him a beer, which they skull in seconds. Grohl then wipes his face on Santa's hat and goes back to the song, complaining of beer in his eyes. 

“Let’s hear it for Santa Claus! I love you Santa. Good thing that was a light beer,” Grohl joked after hugging the fan, noting that if Santa keeps sinking tins, he won’t make it down the chimney on December 24th.

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