Watch David Byrne teach Stephen Colbert some dance moves on ‘The Late Show’ and perform live

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Watch David Byrne teach Stephen Colbert some dance moves on ‘The Late Show’ and perform live

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The always radiant David Byrne appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert this week for a special live performance with his American Utopia show and a quick dance lesson for host Colbert. 

Byrne and his fellow cast members from the Broadway show delivered a vivid rendition of a Talking Heads classic I Zimbra from their 1979 LP Fear of Music.

David Byrne's American Utopia | ‘I Zimbra’

Later, Byrne joined Colbert for a chat that involved sharing some of his hilarious lockdown drawings and showing the host a few low-impact dance moves. 

“I’ve hurt my back,” Colbert told Byrne. “You’re famous for your nontraditional dance moves. I’m curious if you have any recommendations for someone who cannot move their arms very much and whose head and torso have to stay together when they move.” 

Byrne, of course, had just the answer. “This one’s called polish the plates! You can see where that’s coming from! There’s another one – anybody can do this – stop the traffic!” Watch below. 

The former Talking Heads frontman released his 10th solo album American Utopia in 2018 and backed the release with an elaborate world tour that included an empty stage surrounded by metal chains, a cast of twelve musicians (including Byrne) wearing identical grey suits and cutting-edge wireless technology to totally untether the musicians from any cables while they executed Byrne’s complex choreography. 

In October 2019, the revolutionary stage show debuted on Broadway in New York City where it was last year was recorded by legendary director Spike Lee for the American Utopia concert film – now streaming on HBO Max. You can watch the trailer, here. 


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