Watch Foo Fighters Perform "Mountain Song" With Perry Farrell And Tom Morello

Watch Foo Fighters Perform "Mountain Song" With Perry Farrell And Tom Morello

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Foo Fighters fans were treated to a truly memorable experience last weekend when the band played at the 'Super Saturday Night' show in Atlanta, ahead of the annual US Super Bowl. 

The sold-out performance was highlighted by a cast of special guests - including Rage Against The Machine guitarist, Tom Morello, Jane's Addiction frontman, Perry Farrell and Queen drummer, Roger Taylor - who joined them for in an enviable list of covers. 

Check out Perry Farrell singing Jane's Addiction's, "Mountain Song" with Tom Morello on guitar below!

Perry looks genuinely stoked to be singing with these monsters of rock backing him up in this prog-rock power anthem. Tom Morello gives us one of his mind-bending, science-defying guitar solos while everyone, onstage and off, watches on in wonder. Dave Grohl holds down the rhythm, rocking out with everyone, clearly loving every second of this awesome moment he's created. 

Grohl ended the show by announcing, “I don’t know when y’all are gonna see us again, but you will. Because we’re too f**kin’ old to break up. It’s like your grandparents getting divorced. It’s not gonna f**kin’ happen.”

So never fear Foo's fans, it's been confirmed - they're not going anywhere. 

You can watch the concert in its entirety below.

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