Watch Joe Strummer Join The Pogues To Sing “London Calling” in 1988

Watch Joe Strummer Join The Pogues To Sing “London Calling” in 1988

joe strummer, shane macgowan
L: Joe Strummer. Photo by Brian Rasic/Getty Images. R: Shane MacGowan. Photo by Brian Rasic/Getty Images.

We’re remembering this incredible performance at London’s Town & Country club in 1988, when Clash frontman, Joe Strummer appeared on stage to join The Pogues for a distinctly Irish rendition of the very British anthem, “London Calling.”

It is one of those legendary, once-in-a-lifetime concerts that also featured a Kirsty MacColl led rendition of “Fairytale in New York” and The Specials’ Lynal Golding delivering some Irish/ska fusion with their famous cover, “A Message To You (Rudi).” But, if the crowd’s wild, swirling, unhinged  pogo-ing is anything to go by, the highlight of the night was this rousing Strummer-led classic.

Watch below as the Clash’s 1979 punk mainstay, “London Calling” becomes a pulsing Irish jig with the addition of raucous accordions.

The Pogues & Joe Strummer | “London Calling”

The Pogues’ frontman, Shane McGowan is the subject of an upcoming documentary, Crock of Gold: A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan (read more here) which premieres in Aussie cinema's on December 17th – click here for cinema and screening listings.

Recently released, The Pogues – The BBC Sessions 1984 - 1986 is an extensive collection of BBC recordings, featuring 23-tracks from six separate live sessions – The John Peel Show (April 1984), David ‘Kid’ Jensen Show (July 1984), The John Peel Show (December 1984), The Phil Kennedy Show (March 1985), The Janice Long Show (July 1985) and The Janice Long Show (November 1986). Check it out, here.

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