Watch Lindsey Buckingham do the TikTok Fleetwood Mac “Dreams” Challenge on Horseback

Watch Lindsey Buckingham do the TikTok Fleetwood Mac “Dreams” Challenge on Horseback

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L: Nathan Apodaca. Image via Twittter,. R: Lindsey Buckingham. Image via Twitter. 

Following in the footsteps of his former Fleetwood Mac bandmates, Mick Fleetwood and Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham has now shared his own spin on the viral “Dreams” TikTok video that was first started by user Nathan Apodaca – aka 420doggface20 – earlier this month. 

Apodaca’s original video – which has now clocked up over 10.7 million views – featured him cruising the highway on a skateboard swigging on a bottle of Ocean Spray Cranberry juice and for some reason, it’s the juice that has become the focus of the moment! Fleetwood’s entry was largely faithful to the original; while Nicks personalised the concept, adding roller skates in the mix. (watch here

Now Buckingham’s has given us his own interpretation of the challenge, with a distinctly equestrian theme. The 15-second clip sees the ex-Fleetwood Mac guitarist riding a horse, sipping from the all-important Ocean Spray bottle.

Apodaca’s original “Dreams” video sparked a global phenomenon that has seen the 1977 hit single re-enter multiple charts this month. For the first time since February 18th, 1978 Rumours has returned the Top 10 position of the Billboard 200.

So, who’s next? John McVie or Christine McVie? Let’s hope both!

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