Watch Sheryl Crow Perform “Live Wire” With Bonnie Raitt and Mavis Staples

Watch Sheryl Crow Perform “Live Wire” With Bonnie Raitt and Mavis Staples

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Sheryl Crow has enlisted Bonnie Raitt and Mavis Staples for her new song “Live Wire,” the latest single off her upcoming LP, Threads. Masters of their crafts across three generations, collectively the three women are an all-star supergroup of soul. 

Crow gives fans a behind-the-scenes vista of her rehearsing the song with Raitt and Staples at a studio in Los Angeles. Citing them as her "two favourite women in all of rock n' roll," the trio launch into a performance of the soulful blues-rocker that tells the story of an unpredictable lover. Raitt's scorching vocals and dirty slide guitar meld seamlessly with Staples undeniable grittiness and Crow's glowing voice as they harmonize on the potent choruses.

“Mavis Staples means so much more to me than any words I could write about her,” Crow, who recently performed at the gospel legend’s 80th birthday celebration in Nashville, said in a statement. “I feel like, in many ways, she is the Godmother to Bonnie Raitt. To say that having both of these soulful women on ‘Live Wire’ is a treat would be a huge understatement.”

Sheryl Crow’s upcoming LP of collaborations, Threads contain 17 tracks featuring a range of artists across genres and generations. The previously released Johnny Cash duet “Redemption Day” sits alongside tracks with legends Keith Richards and Stevie Nicks and modern country trailblazers Chris Stapleton, Maren Morris. It's set for release on Aug 30.

“This is where my story begins; in the imagination of a young girl from Missouri who began to feel a part of a beautiful and inspiring universe of art, created by musicians who made me want to leave my small town and embark on something bigger than anything I could possibly imagine,” Crow said of her new album in a statement.

“As I became a mother, I’ve explored life through my children and seen the greater impact of our actions and voices. This collection is the ‘Threads’ of both my inspirations and younger artists carrying the torch for humanity with their stories.”

Sheryl Crow’s blend of bluesy folk-rock and sunny pop has earned her nine Grammy awards since her 1993 debut. Her abilities as a songwriter and singer have earned her enormous respect from fans and peers alike; celebrated in her previous collaborations with icons Eric Clapton and Willie Nelson. Listen to all the best from her catalogue of platinum-selling blues-pop hits with This Is Sheryl Crow on Spotify:

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