Watch Stevie Nicks Perform ‘Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around’ with Eddie Vedder

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Watch Stevie Nicks Perform ‘Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around’ with Eddie Vedder

stevie nicks
Stevie Nicks. Photo by Erika Goldring/WireImage/Getty Images.

Stevie Nicks’ delivered a stunning headlining set at Eddie Vedder’s Ohana Festival in California on Friday night, highlighted by a guest appearance from Vedder to sing Nicks’ Tom Petty collaboration, Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around.

As Nicks kicked into the first verse, Vedder appeared onstage to perform Petty's vocal parts, but it’s unclear how planned the duet was, with Nicks saying, "That was sneaky Mr Eddie Vedder!" after the performance. Watch below.

Stevie Nicks w/ Eddie Vedder | ‘Stop Draggin' My Heart Around’ [Ohana Festival, 2022]

Prior to the performance, Nicks recounted the well-known story of the classic track from her 1981 solo debut, Bella Donna, which was spearheaded by legendary producer, Jimmy Iovine. Fearing that Bella Donna lacked a hit lead single, Iovine asked Tom Petty - who he had also worked with previously - to lend her a song.  

"'We recorded it, it's ready to go, he will even sing it with you,'" Nicks told the audience. "'So he's gonna give it to you, and he's gonna sing it with you.' And I said, 'Yes!' And that song kicked Bella Donna to No. 3 and then to No. 1 on the Billboard charts."

Revisit the chart-topping original below. 

Stevie Nicks | ‘Stop Draggin' My Heart Around’ [Official Video]

Last week, Stevie Nicks unveiled a brand new cover of Buffalo Springfield’s legendary ‘60s protest anthem, For What It’s Worth penned by her longtime friend, Stephen Stills in 1966. You can check it out, here.


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