When the Saints Met The Saint

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When the Saints Met The Saint


This is very cool. When Brizzie’s Saints hit the UK in ’77, just in time to catch a bit of a ride on the UK punk wave (a wave they had in fact pre-empted with their "(I’m) Stranded" single in ’76, which London’s Sounds magazine famously called "The single of this or any other week"), their arrival coincided with the new TV show, The Return of the Saint, which had Ian Ogilvy reprising the role of made famous a decade earlier by Roger Moore.

So, of course, with showbiz being showbiz, the band ended up on the show, in a scene filmed live at the Marquee (and sounding very live indeed), as the backdrop to an impending and very punky kidnapping. There’s not an abundance of footage the classic Bailey/Kuepper line-up of the band around, so this is a real treat. And the version of "Lost & Found", from the Saints landmark UK-recorded second album Eternally Yours, looks and sounds great.

We then suggest you have a listen to our great Shake Some Action: Punk & New Wave Classics playlist on Spotify to hear the original recording of the track and some other classic Saints' tunes plus more from the likes of Magazine, the Flamin’ Groovies, the Boys Next Door, the Only Ones, Television, Joy Division and others. Enjoy!

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