Aerosmith's Emotional Reunion With Their First Tour Van

Aerosmith's Emotional Reunion With Their First Tour Van

aersmith tour van
(Photo: American Pickers via Billboard)

You may recall, almost 12 months ago, we reported that the TV show American Pickers had stumbled across an old van rotting in the woods - and it turned out the van belonged to none other than classic rock icons Aerosmith

Left to rot, the van was rescued from near death and taken by the historians to be bought back to life. 

aerosmith van
(Photo: American Pickers / History Channel)

Well, finally the band and van have been reunited after more than 40 years! The Amercian Pickers cast of Mike, Frank and Danielle took the five members of Aerosmith to see the van they had so meticulously restored to its former glory. 

The band spent time talking about the original paintwork, the long drives in the back of the van before shows, and their intention to now use it as part of their Las Vegas residency show. It is clear they have fond memories of their pre-fame time spent touring, and the Pickers crew were also really grateful for the respect in which the band paid the restoration project. 

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