Doobie Brothers’ Takin’ It To The Streets at 45

Doobie Brothers’ Takin’ It To The Streets at 45

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The Doobie Brothers circa 1976. Photo by Gijsbert Hanekroot/Redferns/Getty Images. 

Takin' It to the Streets is the sixth studio album released by American rockers, the Doobie Brothers in March of 1976. It was the legendary band’s first album to feature the songwriting and vocal talents of Michael McDonald, ultimately redefining their sound. We’re taking a look back at the classic album on its 45th anniversary. 


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The Doobie Brothers had already garnered significant success with their third album, 1973’s The Captain and Me, and certainly made themselves noticed with their second album Toulouse Street in 1972; but it was 1976’s Takin’ It To The Streets that gave us some of their best-known work to date. 

With the Doobie’s original lead singer, Tom Johnston was forced to the sidelined with crippling stomach ulcers, Michael McDonald stepped in at the recommendation of his former Steely Dan band-mate, and Doobie guitarist Jeff “Skunk” Baxter. McDonald’s tenure on the tour was so successful, the band invited him to join them in the studio when they began recording their sixth album; it was a fateful decision on all accounts as McDonald began to carve an integral place for himself in the Doobie Brothers’ history, ultimately steering the band from their folk-rock origins to the blusey, jazz-driven hits of their future.

Over the years, no less than 25 members have found a place in the Doobie Brothers’ rotation, however, the introduction of Michael McDonald arguably marks the greatest seismic shift in all of their history. Takin’ It To The Streets marks that turning point with the soulful McDonald-penned singles, “It Keeps You Runnin'” and the albums title track, both Top 40 singles, plus the Baxter/Simmons penned “Wheels of Fortune” which served as the album’s second single. 

Celebrate the 45th anniversary of Takin’ It To The Streets with those irresistible singles below!

Doobie Brothers | “Takin' It to the Streets”

Doobie Brothers | “Wheels of Fortune”

Doobie Brothers | “It Keeps You Runnin’”




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