Gorillaz Have Teamed Up With New Order’s Peter Hook For New Single, “Aries”

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Gorillaz Have Teamed Up With New Order’s Peter Hook For New Single, “Aries”


Innovative virtual band, Gorillaz, led by Blur frontman Damon Albarn, have resonated with listeners around the globe for the past two decades with hits like “Feel Good Inc.”, “Clint Eastwood” and many more. Now they have just released the latest instalment from their ongoing augmented cartoon and music ‘Song Machine’ series, which sees the band collaborate with an electronic music pioneer – legendary bassist, producer and co-founder of Joy Division and New Order, Peter Hook, for their new single, “Aries.”

Hook’s instantly recognisable, bouncy bass playing shines through, offering his signature optimistic, but melancholy sound to the atmospheric track. Watch below. 

Gorillaz | “Aries” [Visualizer]

The third episode of ‘Song Machine’ from Gorillaz sees the virtual heroes capture much of the current mood with “a soaring affirmation of human connection.” Ending the video with a message for the times, singer 2D, aka Damon Albarn reminds viewers: “Make sure you stay in, you stay safe, and stay tuned. Oh yeah, and keep washing your hands.” 

“Song Machine feeds on the unknown, runs on pure chaos. So whatever the hell’s coming, we’re primed and ready to produce like there’s no tomorrow. Y’know, just in case.” 

“Aries” reflects on the nature of the zodiac fire, noted for being “highly impatient and competitive, many Aries have the fighting spirit of your mythological ruler,” Gorillaz guitarist Noodle explains.

Gorrilaz’ Song Machine is a unique audio-visual project that will deliver 22 songs, released at random, as they come. Follow Song Machine here. 

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