Happy Birthday Dave Grohl

Happy Birthday Dave Grohl


Dave Grohl. Whether it's his contribution to rock'n'roll via Nirvana and Foo Fighters, or just his down-to-earth charm, everyone loves this man! A multi-instrumentalist and energetic showman, songwriter and all-round top bloke.

Born in 1969, today is his birthday so we'd like to use that as an excuse to highlight a few moments when he proved how much of a legend he is. 

Firstly, he was in Nirvana. Enough said.

Then he founded Foo Fighters.

He played the devil with Tenacious D...

He got loose with Jack Black, again...

He acknowledges fan tributes, like sending the guys that made this a message on social media to say thanks and promise he would come play in their town...

Foo Fighters will be in Oz next week for their Concrete And Gold Tour with special guests Weezer. More info and tickets here. 




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