The Best Of Rick Astley

The Best Of Rick Astley

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Rick Astley. Photo by Frank Hoensch/Redferns.

With his distinctive rich, deep voice, Rick Astley, became an overnight sensation when he released the now immortal “Never Gonna Give You Up” (anyone who’s ever been ‘Rick Rolled’ can testify to what a catchy earworm it is!) in 1987. Following his global smash hit debut, the 80s superstar continued to dominate the charts around the world with his well-crafted dance-pop.

Ahead of his Australian tour with a-ha in early 2020, he's just released a 'best of' set and we're gonna take a look at some of the pop gems included. 

The Best Of Me includes all of his Stock Aitken Waterman era bops – “Together Forever,” “Whenever You Need Somebody” and “She Wants To Dance With Me,” alongside more recent cuts like “Lights Out,” “Angels On My Side” and “Beautiful Life,” as well as a bonus disc of reimagined acoustic renditions of some of his biggest hits. 

Rick Astley | “Never Gonna Give You Up” 

“It’s been an amazing experience to rework ‘Never Gonna Give You Up,’” Rick revealed in a press release. “That song is part of my DNA and it means a lot to me. I hope people like what I’ve done with it as much as I do.”

In November 1987, Astley’s album Whenever You Need Somebody, containing four tracks written by Astley, also hit number one in the UK and Australia, cracked the top 10 in the US and made Astley the top-selling British act of the year!

Rick Astley | “Whenever You Need Somebody” 

Also featured on The Best Of Me, you’ll find the ultra-catchy bop, "Together Forever" which earned Astley his first Grammy nomination for ‘Best New Artist’ in 1989.

Rick Astley | “Together Forever” 

“Together Forever” may have been denied the number one spot when our very own Kylie Minogue's debut "I Should Be So Lucky" took the UK by storm, but it only served to bring the pair closer. Check out this video of Kylie and Rick joining forces to perform a medley of their respective hit songs at a concert in London’s Hyde Park last year. 

Kylie Minogue & Rick Astley | “I Should Be So Lucky /Never Gonna Give You Up” 

The Best Of Me also includes a fresh self-written, produced and recorded, soulful new anthem called “Every One Of Us,” which Astley describes: “[It’s] about the fire in all of us. We all have something to give, even if it doesn’t always feel like we do. I’m so lucky to feel that fire every time I’m on stage, and that helps me feel it in my everyday life too.”

Rick Astley | “Every One of Us” [Rehearsal Video]

Like a fine wine, Rick Astley just gets better and better with time! Check out The Best Of Me, a collection of Astley’s greatest hits alongside a set of ‘reimagined’ acoustic interpretations of his songs, old and new HERE.

Find out more about Rick Astley's tour dates in Oz with a-ha here. 

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