Korn's New Song Sounds Like 90s Korn

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Korn's New Song Sounds Like 90s Korn

korn 2019
Korn, 2019 (Photo by Brian Ziff)

Nu-metal icons Korn are back with a new album titled The Nothing, set for release on September 13. 

Pioneers of their genre, and with an instantly recognisable sound, Korn seamlessly blend elements of metal, electronica and hip hip, They've been doing things their way, uncompromisingly, since their self titled debut album in 1994. 

Fader said of their influence - “There was an unexpected opening in the pop landscape and Korn articulated a generational coming-of-angst for a claustrophobic, self-surveilled consciousness. KORN became the soundtrack for a generation’s arrival as a snarling, thrashing, systemically-restrained freak show.”

It was their third offering, Follow The Leader in 1998, that really skyrocketed the band to being an international arena-level band when the album hit #1 pretty much everywhere, including here in Oz. The singles from it, "Got The Life" and "Freak On A Leash" crossed into mainstream radio and millions of kids connected with frontman Jonathan Davis.

Today, Korn have just released a brand new single off the forthcoming album. Listen to  "You'll Never Find Me" and you'll be transported back to Korn's early days. Those of us that saw their Big Day Out set in 1999 will never forget the live energy they deliver in every song.  

It's dark, twisted and hits you like a punch in the face.

Jonathan Davis explains the record, “Deep, within our Earth lives an extraordinary force. Very few are aware of the magnitude and significance of this place where good/evil, dark/light, bliss/torment, loss/gain and hope/despair all exist as one- pulling at us every moment of our lives. It’s not something we can choose to navigate, but rather an awareness of this ‘presence’ that surrounds us with every breath, as if we are being watched at every moment.  It’s the place where black and white energies attach themselves to our souls, and shape our emotion, choices, perspective and ultimately our very existence.  There is a miraculous and small realm within this vortex and it’s the only place where balance between these dynamic and polarizing forces exists -where the soul finds its refuge. Welcome to…..THE NOTHING.”

Now that we have reignited you with your buried love for nu-metal and your blood is pumping, let's dive into some vintage Korn!

Pre-order The Nothing in limited edition merch bundles here. 

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