School Teacher Uses Korn Track to Teach the Alphabet

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School Teacher Uses Korn Track to Teach the Alphabet

korn, mr professor
L: Korn singer, Jonathon Davis (Photo by Medios y Media/Getty Images). R: Nick Harrison via TikTok. 

Metal-loving school teacher, Nick Harrison (aka mrprofessor318) has taken a whole new approach to learning, combining his passion for heavy music and the ABC’s into a viral TikTok video set to the tune of Korn’s “‘Coming Undone.”

In Harrison’s version of the classic alphabet song, the teacher head-bangs his way from A to Z in the viral, which he captioned, “My audition for School of Rock 2.” His educational take on the nu-metal mainstay has over 150,000 likes and counting!


My audition for School of Rock 2

♬ Alphabet Undone by mrprofessor318 - Nick Harrison

Korn frontman, Jonathan Davis approves.

Davis shared the video via his Instagram Stories, giving the teacher’s lesson his personal tick of approval. Harrison was stoked; replying to the nod with a  follow-up video saying: “When Jonathan Davis, the lead singer of Korn, of course, posts your video to his Instagram story — I can’t even talk, man! Thank you guys so much, you’re awesome!”

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