Watch the First Trailer for Upcoming Woodstock '99 Docuseries

Watch the First Trailer for Upcoming Woodstock '99 Docuseries

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Netflix has shared the first official trailer for an upcoming docuseries set to recount the ill-fated 30th-anniversary reboot of Woodstock in 1999, which descended into utter chaos over the course of three days. After initial plans for the series were first revealed back in 2020, Clusterf**k: Woodstock ’99 is now set to premiere on the streaming platform on August 3rd. 

Over half a million people attended the original incantation of the festival in 1969. With the celebration descending into nothing but hugs, Woodstock was crowned one of history’s most iconic celebrations of peace and love. Thirty years on, a rage-fueled crowd, fueled by anger over inflated prices for essential items like water in the searing heat, descended into violence and vandalism that resulted in tens of thousands of people needing medical attention and had to be broken up by riot police. Examiner journalist Jane Ganahl described the event as "the day the music died."

“The 1969 festival’s name is synonymous with peace, love and great music,” Netflix said in a statement. “It was revived for a highly anticipated 30th anniversary, marketed as a millennium-defining celebration of peace, love and great music. What went wrong? The upcoming docuseries Clusterf**k: Woodstock ’99 sets out to find the answer.” 

The official trailer can be seen below.

‘Clusterf**k: Woodstock '99’ [Official Trailer] 

“Some blamed the aggressive music of the headlining bands like Korn, Limp Bizkit and Rage Against the Machine,” the statement continued, “others pointed fingers at the commercial exploitation by festival organizers. Utilizing rare insider footage and eyewitness interviews with an impressive list of festival staffers, the docuseries goes behind the scenes to reveal the egos and music that fueled three days of mayhem.”

Clusterf**k: Woodstock ’99 is set to premiere on Netflix on August 3rd. 

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