Melbourne Unveils A Sculpture Of Bon Scott

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Melbourne Unveils A Sculpture Of Bon Scott


Aussie rock icon and former AC/DC singer Bon Scott has been immortalized in sculpture in Melbourne's AC/DC Lane by artist Mike Makatron.

"It's an honor to add a permanent 3D element that pays tribute to a great Australian rock 'n' roll band and its lead singer, Bon Scott, but also to music in general," said Makatron.

"Thanks to all, especially the vision of James Young of Cherry Bar, who instigated the idea and grant application with Creative Victoria."
"Sydney has the Opera House and Melbourne has Bon Scott,"
James Young agreed that the piece of art is "the perfect place to honor Bon Scott and to provide inspiration for aspiring musicians and music fans."
Watch the presentation here...

And for all our Acca Dacca loving fans, get stuck into this 70s rock playlist...

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