Perth Is Getting A Big Day Out Party Celebrating 1992-2014

Perth Is Getting A Big Day Out Party Celebrating 1992-2014

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Attending the Big Day Out in the 90s, for most of us, was a rite of passage.

Now, The Red Skull are giving the folks of Western Australia a chance to re-live the magic with a club night called 'Big Night Out'. But, this is not your average covers show – it’s an authentic recreation of the sights, sounds and vibes from Australia’s most loved music festival. The team behind this event have listened to BDO veterans from Perth and elsewhere across the country in aim of squeezing more classic anthems into the show to take you back to the great sets witnessed at BDO between 1992 till its demise in 2014.

All the big guns are represented – Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, The Offspring, Tool, Metallica and The Killers – but there’s also a huge selection of Aussie music legends. Think the Gurge, Jebs, Spiderbait and The Living End just to name a few. 


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In order to provide the complete Big Day Out experience, the night will welcome DJ Britty from Western Sounds who’s dedicated to bringing back The Boiler Room which means more Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Basement Jaxx and New Order than you can shake a stick at.

March 8 - The Burlington Hotel, Bunbury (Get tickets)

March 9 - Badlands, Perth (Get tickets)

Sounds like a really fun, really sweaty night out and we hope to see this event run nationwide in future! 

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