Prince's Estate Releases Video for Original Manic Monday

Prince's Estate Releases Video for Original Manic Monday

prince manic monday
(Photo by Brian Rasic/Getty Images)

Prince's original demo recording of “Manic Monday” has been unveiled by Prince‘s estate with a new music video to accompany the release of Originals - a 15 track album of the hits Prince wrote for other artists.

Released by The Bangles in 1986, this Prince-penned track helped propel their Different Light album to the top of the charts globally. The melody and structure of their version was not a far cry at all from this original. Watch both below and hear the similarities and subtle differences. 

We get an insight into the energy of Prince's rehearsals as unreleased archival footage from Prince’s vault is used for the visual. As always, making things seem so effortless, we get a rare glimpse into his personal life during the early years of his incredible career.   

Prince spent a large portion of his time working with up-and-coming musicians as a mentor and collaborator in both writing and production. Another fine example is the similar rehearsal footage that was released last year for "Nothing Compares 2 U", a massive hit for Sinead O'Connor.

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