RHCP's Californication Turns 20

RHCP's Californication Turns 20

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Flea and Anthony, RHCP 1999 (Photo by J. Shearer/WireImage/Getty Images)

Although it only feels like one hot minute since 1999, it's actually been 20 years. Saturday 8th June, marks the exact 20th Anniversary of the Red Hot Chili Peppers' seventh album, Californication.

A gigantic commercial success, the album gave us the unforgettable hits "Otherside", "Californication" and Grammy-winning "Scar Tissue" and it landed at the top of the ARIA Charts at #1. Australia's love for RHCP has always been strong, evident not only by the ferocious energy of the crowds at their live shows, but by the passion in which majority of Aussie fans speak about the band. 

Let's jump into just a few reasons why Californication is one of the most-loved Chili's albums (up there with Blood Sugar Sex Magik and Mother's Milk).



The return of John Frusciante

Yep, the wayward guitarist whose sound is considered imperative to hardcore Chili's fans. Taking a break to battle personal demons after Blood Sugar Sex Magik, his role was filled by Dave Navarro, who did a fine job on One Hot Minute - but let's be honest - it wasn't the same. Frusciante's return bought back a notable shift in style and dynamic the band sorely missed without him. 

Produced by Rick Rubin 

Like all RHCP's album before and after, Rick Rubin at the helm is a given. Unmistakably one of the greatest producers of all time, his connection with the band is longstanding and at this point, I think we can call him the official 5th member of the band. There is no one else who would be capable of bringing out that classic Chili's sound like he does. 

The unbelievable music video for Otherside

Not only did they release five successful singles off the album over the course of 18 months, it was also an imperial era for awesome music videos. After Stephane Sednaoui’s "Scar Tissue" and "Around The World" clips came the beautiful Expressionism of "Otherside". Directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris (the minds behind the similarly exquisite and otherworldly Smashing Pumpkins clip for "Tonight, Tonight"), the video weaves in elements of Metropolis, Hitchcock and Chaplin for a result which tones down the zaniness in favour of dark power.

The unbelievable music video for Californication

The hits on Californication came with remarkable visual accompaniments. Works of art in their own right, the video for the title track "Californication", timed perfectly with the boom of video game culture. 

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