Rock'N'Roll Musicals

Rock'N'Roll Musicals


This is a list that definitely needs to grow, so hit us up with your favourite rock musicals in the comments!

When you said the word ‘musicals’ in the past, it’s kinda been snubbed by people who love rock music. “We go to gigs mate, not musicals!” you’ll hear a bogan shout. Well, I’m here to tell you, that this bogan right here has been to quite a few musicals in his time, and I love 'em.  Her are just a few ROCK musicals that are flat out awesome.


I think this was the first rock musical I saw. A girlfriend suggested it back in the early to mid 90’s, and we decided to go because Rodger Corser, who was singing in a cover band that we knew at the time, snagged a spot in it. Good enough reason for me to get along, get some culture into me, and man, was I blown away. It was brilliant. Edgy, rocking, starring people my age (at the time) it was relatable, and rocking. It ran for 12 years, and you know you’re doing well when you have the mickey taken out of your by the South Park lads.


Going to see this was a no brainer. If you grew up, as I did through the 80’s listening to the radio and watching Video Hits and Rage, all the songs featured in this musical were huge. I don’t want to over simplify what they achieved with this musical, but all they had to do, was get a loose plot together, and find hits that would fit the scenes. How easy is making a rock musical? It featured songs by Twisted Sister, Quiet Riot, Bon Jovi, Starship, Foreigner, Journey, Poison and more, ensuring everyone in the audience would either be singing, stomping their feet, or at the very least, tapping their knee like a pompous old fart who’s trying hard not to enjoy it too much. IMPOSSIBLE. Great show. They even turned it into a movie! (peep ya boy here at the premiere 13second mark)


I was living in Sydney when this hit Australia, and luckily for me, a friend was a big a Queen fan as I was. I’ve never met any of the surviving members, however, it was enough for me to see the show, and be seated two rows back from Brian May, Roger Taylor, and writer Ben Elton. I mention this because as many readers would know by now, I’m a hopeless Queen fan. So, of course, I was going to see this show, and I was not disappointed. Not only a must for hard core Queen fans, Ben Elton did a fantastic job in creating a world around their music. Perhaps more of a testament to the band for being able to span so many genres? Yeah, let’s give them the credit.


You know this one, started as the rock Opera by Pete Townsend in 1969, transformed into a musical, produced by Sir George Martin (the fifth Beatle). What you may not know, is the dark theme within this musical, infidelity, murder, child abuse, and drugs. But it’s a fantastic story, and the music that Pete Townsend created was really something else, including their hugely popular Pinball Wizard. I’ve never had the chance to see this performed live by an ensemble cast, and I really hope that one day I’m able to, but for now I’ll have to rely on YouTube and small local productions because this is a truly great rock musical.


Here’s another one on the ‘must see’ list. I wasn’t able to get to Queensland to see Chris Cheney (The Living End) play the part of St Jimmy, but now, Sarah McLeod (The Superjesus), Adalita (Magic Dirt) and Phillip Jamieson (Grinspoon) are all sharing this part as it travels around the country, I gotta get involved.

Expanded from the Green Day rock Opera album of the same name, focusses on 3 disaffected young men, in boring suburbia (Jingletown), and well, if you’ve listened to the album, you’re probably across how the story goes. If you’re a Green Day fan, you’d go just for the music, and whilst I fall into that category, I really wanna see how this award-winning story evolves with actors. Can’t wait to see it.

Do you dig rock musicals? Does it make you feel cultured when you see them? Do you hate them? I really love them, have done since high school since I first saw Phantom Of The Opera. The staging, the effects, the mind-blowing talent of the performers. Live shows are brilliant and I always find myself getting completely caught up in their world. If you ‘ve never been to one, and want to cut your teeth, definitely go see American Idiot in 2018, maybe I’ll see you there! You can enter our competition to win tickets here. 

- Higgo 

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