See Rare Bleach-Era Footage of Nirvana Playing “Negative Creep” in a Record Store

See Rare Bleach-Era Footage of Nirvana Playing “Negative Creep” in a Record Store

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Nirvana circa 1989.[L-R] Kurt Cobain, Chad Channing, Krist Novoselic. Photo by Mark and Colleen Hayward/Getty Images.

When Nirvana recorded Bleach in 1989, they were already destined for big things, even if it was only the Seattle locals that knew it at the time. For those of us not lucky enough to catch the grunge icons on the brink of greatness, there is luckily still plenty of footage from their super-charged debut era to enjoy. 

Bleach didn’t chart when it was originally released in 1989 on indie label Sub Pop. But, following the stunning success of their follow up album, 1991’s Nevermind, the album was reissued internationally by Geffen Records, hitting charts around the world and selling millions. “Negative Creep” is a searing highlight from the LP. Cobain’s instinct to the turn the spotlight on himself with brutal honesty may seem like nothing ground-breaking, but in 1989, it was level of sincerity pop culture was yet to encounter en masse. 

Watch the incredible footage of a four-piece Nirvana slaying a visceral rendition of “Negative Creep” in the middle of a record store below.



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Posted by 90's spirit on Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Queens of The Stone Age’s Josh Homme told Rolling Stone in 2014: “The first time I heard Bleach, I remember turning to my friends and saying, ‘We gotta start writing better songs.’ Listening to ‘Negative Creep’ and ‘School’ and ‘Love Buzz,’ I thought there were three different singers in the band. It was a total perspective-changer – it definitely ripped a sheet of paper off of my mental notepad.” 

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