Watch Bonnie Raitt And Brandi Carlile Interview Each Other

Watch Bonnie Raitt And Brandi Carlile Interview Each Other

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Bonnie Raitt and Brandi Carlile recently sat down together for a very special edition of Rolling Stone’s ‘Musicians on Musicians’ segment, which brings together artists who are fans of each other to talk about the how they have influenced and inspired each other’s creative journey. It’s a goldmine of priceless insight!

In this video, Brandi Carlile reflects on the first time she heard Bonnie Raitt sing live, confessing: “I moved out of the house and in with my first girlfriend, Jessica. I was 19 and we were huge fans, and we wanted to go listen to you play and we couldn’t get a ticket, so we sat outside the fence and listened to your voice reverberate around Washington state. It was a big moment, a beautiful memory.”

“That is so sweet. I would have let you in if I had known.” Raitt replied, before telling her that, “I’m gonna be a mess in this interview because I’ve never been with anyone that talked about me before. I haven’t ever heard anyone say they were influenced by me.”

Watch the full interview below: 

Musicians On Musicians | Bonnie Raitt & Brandi Carlile

Both women reflect on the whirlwind of success that came from winning Grammy awards at similar ages and points in their career, catapulting them into what Raitt describes “hyperspace.” But hard-earned, well-deserved success isn’t the only similarity these two artists share. Along with the admiration of fans and peers alike, both artists have used their voice and platform to put the spotlight on issues close to their hearts – Raitt has campaigned for clean energy, Native American rights, and more over the years; and Carlile has raised money for kids affected by war and for imprisoned women. 

“Bonnie illuminated the path I could have,” says Brandi Carlile. "She taught me I could lead and not apologise." 

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