Watch Eddie Vedder Perform With The Who At Wembley Stadium

Watch Eddie Vedder Perform With The Who At Wembley Stadium

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The Who’s ‘Moving On!’ orchestral tour made a hometown stop at London’s Wembley Stadium on Saturday night, where the band were joined by Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder for a rendition of the 1973 Quadrophenia classic, “The Punk and The Godfather.”

Towards the end of their epic 24-song set, backed by a full orchestra, Roger Daltrey took it up an extra notch, welcoming Eddie Vedder back to the stage after his earlier performance with Pearl Jam as the evening's opening act.

“He’s going to share this song with me because he knows where it came from,” Daltrey explained to the crowd, turning his attention to Vedder. “What one were you? I was the one with the stutter”

“No,” Vedder replied. “I’m still the punk.”

Word is that The Who are hard at work on a brand-new album called, Hero Ground Zero. Roger Daltrey revealed in a recent interview that the new record, “is turning out really much better than I ever thought it could be.” Fans were also lucky enough to preview some of the new material Saturday's Wembley show. 

It’s been almost a decade since The Who’s last Australian tour back in 2009. There’s no word when or if they’ll be returning anytime soon, but let’s hope a new album is just the excuse they’ve been looking for! Until then, Spotify has you covered with This Is The Who:

Listen to The Who Essentials on Apple Music:

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