Weezer Release Surprise Covers LP - ‘The Teal Album’

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Weezer Release Surprise Covers LP - ‘The Teal Album’



weezer teal album

Just weeks before Weezer are due to release The Black Album, produced by Dave Sitek, the alt-rock icons have surprised everyone with an unexpected 10-track album of covers. 

Perhaps the most surprising part is how well the guys have recreated so many classics spanning a huge range of genres! From Eighties pop hits like a-ha’s "Take on Me" and Michael Jackson’s "Billie Jean", to vintage metal staple "Paranoid" by Black Sabbath, there’s even some 90’s R&B in the mix with TLC’s "No Scrubs" – nothing is off limits! 

Listen out for Rivers Cuomo’s rather convincing Annie Lennox on the Eurythimics' "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)", and of course Toto’s "Africa", which is likely responsible for getting this whole party started. 

When a fan spammed Weezer on social media begging the band to cover the track eight months ago, not even she could have predicted how just how far the story would end up going. 

They performed the "Africa" on Jimmy Kimmel Live with Toto keyboardist, Steve Porcaro, and the unlikely union was so well received it saw Toto score a place in the Billboard Charts for the first time in almost a decade. 

Toto were so enamoured by the whole affair they decided to cover Weezer’s song, "Hash Pipe" in return because “we were smoking hash since before they [Weezer] were born”

It would seem Weezer were so taken by the experience they decided to take their love of covers to a whole new level. Perhaps they want to see who else is game enough to take up the challenge and cover them back. Their next album of original material, The Black Album, is out March 1st and will include the previously released singles "Zombie Bastards" and "Can’t Knock the Hustle".

Teal Album Track Listing: 

1.  "Africa" (Toto)

2. "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" (Tears for Fears)

3. "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)" (The Eurythmics)

4. "Take On Me" (a-ha)

5. "Happy Together" (The Turtles)

6. "Paranoid" (Black Sabbath)

7. "Mr. Blue Sky" (Electric Light Orchestra)

8. "No Scrubs" (TLC)

9. "Billie Jean" (Michael Jackson)

10. "Stand By Me" (Ben E. King)

Check out The Teal Album on Spotify! 

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