10 Music Videos That Ruled The 90s

10 Music Videos That Ruled The 90s

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It was an era drenched in emotion, grit, personal turmoil and self-confession. The shiny, polished, high-budget gloss of the 80s was out and raw creativity ruled supreme – all of which makes for excellent viewing! Here are ten music videos that ruled the 90s.

The Cranberries | 'Zombie' 

The Cranberries' Zombie was one of the biggest anthems of the decade, and the music video featuring singer Dolores drenched in tied to a cross is simply iconic. It was a powerful moment that burned the heartbreaking tragedies of war in Ireland into TVs around the globe. 

Smashing Pumpkins | '1979'

Just the opening riff of this Smashing Pumpkins song floods the mid with nostalgic memories. In this classic coming of age story with a glorious melancholy twist, house parties and highways take you through 24 hrs in the life of a carefree teenager.

Nirvana | 'In Bloom'

While Nirvana may have been the undisputed kings of angst, the wonderful wholesome In Bloom music video reminds us that they also had a sense of humour. Satire was an essential ingredient of the era, so allow these “Thoroughly alright and decent fellows” to entertain you “with their hit single “Bloom”.”

Red Hot Chili Peppers | 'Under the Bridge'

It’s hard to top RHCP’s Under the Bridge when it comes to self-confession anthems. The accompanying music video captures L.A. in the 90s as Anthony Kedis shows sound the city he loves, before running from his personal demons in a Hollywood action thriller ending. 

Jane’s Addiction | 'Mountain Song' 

If you ever feel the urge to relive the 90s music festival experience – just put on this Jane's Addiction music video and turn it up loud. 

Green Day | 'Basket Case'

Speaking of raw emotion…. Green Day’s Basket Case delivers in spades, depicting a mind on the edge in blown out high-contrast colours and microphones taped to the stand; it's altogether very 90s. 

L7 | 'Pretend We’re Dead'

This riot girl anthem performed in flannelette shirts, ripped jeans and wild untamed long hair, cut to scenes of gritty urban chaos pretty much sums up the 90s perfectly! 

Mudhoney | 'Touch Me I’m Sick'

Some things just take on a whole new meaning in the 2020s! 

Soundgarden | 'Black Hole Sun' 

In contrast to urban grit was an overriding paranoia of suburban normality and the deep dark secrets hidden behind its shiny facade… perhaps most eloquently depicted by Soundgarden’s super trippy “Black Hole Sun” music video. 

Stone Temple Pilots | 'Big Bang Baby'

With Stone Temple Pilots' abundance of grunge anthems and soaring ballads, it’s easy to forget that Scott Weiland also had some of the best dance moves in the 90s alternative scene. This psychedelic rocker comes from the band’s third studio album, Tiny Music… Songs From the Vatican Gift Shop which celebrated its 25th anniversary last year. 

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